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At Client First Solutions, we provide some of the most innovative and powerful solutions in the market today: online, and in real-time. Our CMS, HIPAA, and Meaningful Use Certified Electronic Solutions provide you with control, and give you and your staff complete access from any computer with Internet access.

We understand how important it is for you to save money without investing in expensive hardware, software, networks, and other technological equipment. We will provide you with the personal attention you deserve, and partner with you to ensure your business achieves maximum profitability and efficiency.


Stop the guesswork, and start increasing your revenue with our CodeRite review service. Seamless. Designed to fit your workflow. Personal attention that will fully optimize your reimbursement process.


With AuditGuard, you can maintain the highest level of compliance while actually increasing your reimbursement rates.


How much time have you wasted searching for paper files and folders? Get on the path to a paperless office with iDocsNOW electronic document management.

Physician Toolbox

Keeping up with the ever-changing demands of patient care can be a daunting task. When is there time to find solutions for the daily needs of your practice?


According to the AMA and several other recent studies, it’s getting harder and harder to collect money from patients. Well, not anymore. Introducing ChoicePay!


Managing receivables is often the last item on the “to do” list, but neglect of timely follow-up on past due accounts is one of the biggest factors in out-of-control receivables. Instead of waiting until an account is uncollectible and turning it over to a costly traditional collection agency, why not try a proactive solution?


Set your marketing on autopilot, and let our AutoCard service increase patient satisfaction and improve your bottom line.


CompliancyGuard is a simple and cost-effective solution to satisfying HIPAA, HITECH Risk Assessment, and Omnibus Compliance. Our proprietary, cloud-based system reduces complexity and provides solutions for all of your compliancy needs.

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