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Speaking Terms: Integrating your EHR & PRACTICE MANAGEMENT System


If your current HER & Practice Management software isn’t integrated, or as we like to call it on “Speaking Terms”, you could be causing a major disruption in your office workflow. Less Time In many cases, offices that have in-house billing have an EHR system and Practice management system by two different [...]

Speaking Terms: Integrating your EHR & PRACTICE MANAGEMENT System2019-01-23T01:11:19+00:00

Outsourcing Billing Vs. In-House Billing


What are the benefits of Outsourcing? One of the most complex components about running a medical practice is determining your medical billing process. The primary component when discovering the act of keeping your billing in-house or deciding to outsource your billing should begin with your knowledge of the billing and coding procedure. For [...]

Outsourcing Billing Vs. In-House Billing2019-01-23T01:07:46+00:00