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Outsourcing Billing Vs. In-House Billing


What are the benefits of Outsourcing? One of the most complex components about running a medical practice is determining your medical billing process. The primary component when discovering the act of keeping your billing in-house or deciding to outsource your billing should begin with your knowledge of the billing and coding procedure. For [...]

Outsourcing Billing Vs. In-House Billing2019-01-23T01:07:46+00:00

Why Should Your Practice Switch to E-Statements?


Just save the paper and go digital. The Healthcare industry has made remarkable changes in transforming the way it communicates to its patients, and by communicating we mean discover alternative ways to receive payments for services rendered. According to recent statistics, nearly 68 percent of patients prefer to pay healthcare bills digital than [...]

Why Should Your Practice Switch to E-Statements?2019-01-23T01:04:10+00:00