Increase Your Revenue

The workflow for clinics, hospitals, and doctor offices have become more of a notion for the front office.  Streamlined communication begins as soon as the patient enters the office at check-in.  Having the ability to have an appointment scheduling system that integrates into your practice management system will provide a better patient experience.


Maximize your Patient’s and Your Staff Time


Patient experience would include having clear direction on their next steps for their next appointment. Streamlined appointment scheduling should offer the front office the ability to schedule a patient’s clinic and hospital visits, allowing the practice the option to send referrals to other clinics for service. Appointment scheduling should also offer facility transfer requests, surgery appointment requests and the option to give the patient a slot to add themselves in the emergency waiting room queues at their chosen hospital.


Patients are given a personal portal to easily schedule, request services, ask questions to their provider or nurse across the scheduling system. This process is more efficient and convenient for both the practice and the patient.



Fewer Follow-ups

Patients often fail to follow protocols or adhere to the direction given by doctor’s offices, hence increasing high phone call volume and affect’s the practice compliance